[Peter Pan] - 05

《Peter Pan》
By J. M. Barrie
Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski

【Chapter Five】
The Island Comes True

Down on the island the Neverland came to life.
 The lost boys were looking for Peter. The pirates were looking for the lost boys. And the Indians were looking for the pirates. But they were all going at the same speed. So they just kept going around and around the island.
 The boys were dressed in animal skins. There was Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly, and the Twins. They lived in a home under the ground. Each boy had his very own hollow tree for a secret entrance. That is how they hid from the pirates.
 "Look!" cried Nibs. "There's Tinker Bell!"
 The boys looked into the sky. Tink flew around what looked like a great white bird. But it was really Wendy in her long white nightgown.
 "Hurry" shouted Tink. "Peter wants you to shoot the Wendy."
 The boys never questioned Peter's orders. Tootles raised his bow and arrow and fired.
 The arrow struck Wendy's chest. She fluttered to the ground.
 A terrible silence fell upon the woods. The lost boys crowded around Wendy.
 "This is no bird," said Slightly. He spoke in a scared voice. "I think it must be a lady!"
 Suddenly they heard Peter crow to signal his return. "Great news, boys!" he cried as he dropped to the ground. "I have brought you a mother!"
 The boys shook with fear.
 "She is dead!" Tootles cried. "From my arrow."
 Peter knelt by Wendy's body. "Look," he said. "The arrow struck this acorn button. It's my kiss. It saved her life!"
 Golden bells shook above them. Tinker Bell was crying. She did not want Wendy to live. Then the boys told Peter what Tinker Bell had done.
 "Tink!" cried Peter. "I am your friend no more! Leave me for ever!" Then he felt Wendy's hand upon his arm. "All right, not for ever," Peter said. "But for a whole week!"
Then he turned back to Wendy. They were afraid to move her. But they could not leave her outside. "Let's build a house around her!" said Peter.
 "If only we knew what kind of house she likes best," said Tootles.
 Wendy's eyes were still closed. But she suddenly began to sing:
   I wish I had a pretty house,
   The littlest ever seen,
   With funny little red walls
   And roof of mossy green.

 The boys were delighted. They chopped down trees. They brought things from their underground houses. They put John's hat on top for a chimney. At last they were finished. Peter wiped his feet and knocked at the front door.
 Wendy opened it. The lost boys fell to their knees. "Oh, Wendy lady, be our mother," they begged.
 "I am just a little girl," said Wendy. "But I will do my best. Come inside then, you naughty children. I have just enough time to finish the story of Cinderella. Then I will put you all bed."


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[Peter Pan] - 04

《Peter Pan》
By J. M. Barrie
Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski

【Chapter Four】
The Flight

"Second to the right, and straight on until morning."
 That was the way to the Neverland, Peter said. But even birds with maps could not have found it that way. For you see, Peter just said whatever came into his head.
 Wendy, Michael, and John flew though the air in their nightclothes. They followed Peter without question. Sometimes it was dark. Sometimes it was light. And now they were flying far out over the sea.
 How long had they been gone? The children could not tell for sure.
 Finally Peter stopped. "There it is," he said.
 The children stood on tiptoe in the air to see. A million golden arrows pointed toward an island. It seemed so familiar. Like home after a long vacation.
 They flew toward the island. Then something seemed to push against them. The golden arrows disappeared. The island grew dark and unfriendly.
 "The pirates have spotted us," Peter said.
 "They'll see Tinker Bell's light!" cried Wendy. "Tell her to put it out."
 "She can't," said Peter. "It only goes out when she falls asleep."
 But John had brought his tall black hat. Peter hid the fairy in that.
 Just then the pirates fired their cannon into the sky. The blast scattered the children across the darkness. Wendy found herself alone with Tink.
 It is important to understand one thing. Fairies are very small. They have room for only one feeling at a time. Sometimes it is all good. Sometimes it is all bad.
 Tinker Bell was so jealous of Wendy! She was filled with bad hateful feeling. From the tips of her wings to the tips of her toes!
 Tinker Bell darted this way and that. "Come with me to safety," she seemed to say.
 Wendy did not know that Tinker Bell hated her. So she followed the little fairy.



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[Peter Pan] - 03

《Peter Pan》
By J. M. Barrie
Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski

【Chapter Three】
Come Away! Come Away!

A twinkling light darted into the nursery. It was a tiny fairy called Tinker Bell.
 Then the window blew open. Peter Pan dropped to the floor.
 "Tink!" he whispered. "Do you know where they've put my shadow?"
 "In the chest of drawers!" she said. The fairy's language was like the tinkling of golden bells.
 Peter jumped at the drawers. He dug through the nicely folded things. He tossed them over his shoulder left and right. There was his shadow! He slammed the drawer. And shut Tinker Bell inside!
 Peter was surprised. Why didn't his shadow jump right back on him? He tried to stick it on with a bar of soap. But that didn't work, either. Peter flopped to the floor and cried.
 The sound of his crying woke Wendy. "Boy,"she said politely. "Why are you crying?"
 Peter sprang to his feet. "Who are you?"
 "I am Wendy Moira Angela Darling," she said.
 "I am Peter Pan," said the boy. "I was crying because my shadow won't stick. But I wasn't really crying."
 Wendy knew at once what to do. She took out her needle and thread. Then she sewed the shadow back on.
 "Oh, Wendy!" crowed Peter. "One girl is worth twenty boys!"
 "Really, Peter?" Wendy was so pleased, she offered to give him a kiss.
 Peter stuck out his hand. He clearly didn't know what a kiss was! Wendy did not want to hurt his feelings. So she gave him her thimble.
 "Now shall I give you a kiss, too?" he asked.
 "If you please," said Wendy. Peter dropped an acorn button into her hand.
 Wendy sighed. "I know what I'll do," she said. "I'll put your kiss on a chain. Then I can wear it around my neck." That seemed to please Peter.
 "How old are you?" Wendy asked. Peter frowned. "I don't know," he said. He didn't like questions that he didn't know the answer to. "I ran away the day I was born."
 "Really?!" said Wendy. "Why?"
 "I heard my father and mother talking," said Peter. "They were planning what I would be when I became a man. But I don't want to grow up. I want to be a boy and have fun forever. So I ran away to live with the fairies."
 "Oh, Peter!" cried Wendy. "Tell me about the fairies! Would you, please?"
 Peter smiled. He knew all about that.
 "Fairies began long ago," he said. "When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces. The pieces all went skipping about. Each piece became a fairy. And that is how fairies began.
 "There should be one for every girl and boy," he said.
 "But sometimes a child says, 'I don't believe in fairies.' Each time one does, a fairy dies."
 An angry shake of bells came from the chest of drawers. "Why, I must have shut Tinker Bell up in the drawers," said Peter.
 He opened the drawer. The little fairy flew about the nursery. She was tinkling with fury.
 "She is lovely!" cried Wendy.
 "Tink," said Peter. "Would you like to be Wendy's fairy?"
 Tinker Bell answered with an angry jangle.
 Peter shook his head. "She is not very polite," he told Wendy. "She says you are an ugly girl. And she says that she is my fairy. But she knows she can't be my fairy. After all, I am a gentleman and she is a lady."
 Tink flew off in a huff.
 "Where do you live now?" Wendy asked.
 "With the lost boys," said Peter. "Children who fall out of their carriages and are forgotten. I'm their captain."
 "What fun!" cried Wendy.
 "Yes," said Peter. "But we are very lonely. You see, we have no mothers. That's why I come to your window. To hear your mother tell stories. She was telling such a nice one. It was about a lady with a glass slipper."
 "Oh, Cinderella!" said Wendy. "She and the prince live happily ever after."
 Peter leapt to the window. "I must tell the other boys how it ended!"
 "Peter!" Wendy cried. "I know lots of stories!"
 Peter stopped on the sill. He had a greedy look in his eyes. He pulled Wendy toward the window. "Come away with me and tell the other boys, too!"
 Wendy was frightened. "Let me go! I can't fly!"
 "Come away with me and I'll teach you!" said Peter. "Wendy, there are mermaids there..."
 "Really?" cried Wendy.
 Peter knew he almost had her. "You could tuck us in at night and mend our clothes. You could be our mother."
 That did it! Wendy ran to wake her brothers. "Peter Pan has come. He's going to teach us to fly!"
 John and Michael were up and ready in a second.
 Peter blew fairy dust on them. "Wiggle your shoulders," he said. Soon they were all flying!
 Nana was barking wildly down in the yard. At last she broke loose and ran down the street to number 27.
 Mr. and Mrs Darling rushed into the street. They looked up at the nursery window. It was filled with light. And they saw four flying shadows on the curtains!
 The Darlings might have reached the nursery in time. But the stars were watching, A young one blew open the window. "Hurry, Peter!" it cried.
 Nana and the Darlings ran inside and up the stairs. They flung open the door to the nursery. But it was too late.
 The children were gone.

這一章是Peter Pan又出現了,他要拿回他的影子,
要去Peter Pan的"Neverland"了!夢不落帝國!Ya~~~


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