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[Peter Pan] - 05

《Peter Pan》
By J. M. Barrie
Adapted by Cathy East Dubowski

【Chapter Five】
The Island Comes True

Down on the island the Neverland came to life.
 The lost boys were looking for Peter. The pirates were looking for the lost boys. And the Indians were looking for the pirates. But they were all going at the same speed. So they just kept going around and around the island.
 The boys were dressed in animal skins. There was Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly, and the Twins. They lived in a home under the ground. Each boy had his very own hollow tree for a secret entrance. That is how they hid from the pirates.
 "Look!" cried Nibs. "There's Tinker Bell!"
 The boys looked into the sky. Tink flew around what looked like a great white bird. But it was really Wendy in her long white nightgown.
 "Hurry" shouted Tink. "Peter wants you to shoot the Wendy."
 The boys never questioned Peter's orders. Tootles raised his bow and arrow and fired.
 The arrow struck Wendy's chest. She fluttered to the ground.
 A terrible silence fell upon the woods. The lost boys crowded around Wendy.
 "This is no bird," said Slightly. He spoke in a scared voice. "I think it must be a lady!"
 Suddenly they heard Peter crow to signal his return. "Great news, boys!" he cried as he dropped to the ground. "I have brought you a mother!"
 The boys shook with fear.
 "She is dead!" Tootles cried. "From my arrow."
 Peter knelt by Wendy's body. "Look," he said. "The arrow struck this acorn button. It's my kiss. It saved her life!"
 Golden bells shook above them. Tinker Bell was crying. She did not want Wendy to live. Then the boys told Peter what Tinker Bell had done.
 "Tink!" cried Peter. "I am your friend no more! Leave me for ever!" Then he felt Wendy's hand upon his arm. "All right, not for ever," Peter said. "But for a whole week!"
Then he turned back to Wendy. They were afraid to move her. But they could not leave her outside. "Let's build a house around her!" said Peter.
 "If only we knew what kind of house she likes best," said Tootles.
 Wendy's eyes were still closed. But she suddenly began to sing:
   I wish I had a pretty house,
   The littlest ever seen,
   With funny little red walls
   And roof of mossy green.

 The boys were delighted. They chopped down trees. They brought things from their underground houses. They put John's hat on top for a chimney. At last they were finished. Peter wiped his feet and knocked at the front door.
 Wendy opened it. The lost boys fell to their knees. "Oh, Wendy lady, be our mother," they begged.
 "I am just a little girl," said Wendy. "But I will do my best. Come inside then, you naughty children. I have just enough time to finish the story of Cinderella. Then I will put you all bed."


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